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Secretion from the penis

What is discharge from the penis?

We speak of discharge from the penis when clear or cloudy fluid comes out of the urethra. The urethra comes out on top of the glans. Often the cause is a urethra infection due to a sexually transmitted disease, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia.

Symptoms discharge from the penis

You can recognize discharge from the penis because fluid comes out of the opening at the top of the glans. This can be clear or cloudy and many or few. Secretion from the penis indicates inflammation in the urethra.
If the cause of the discharge is gonorrhea (a dripper), the discharge is often purulent. With a Chlamydia Trachomatis infection, the discharge is often thinner and sometimes clear.
The discharge can be accompanied by pain, which is often the most severe in the morning. Peeing can be painful or cause an irritating feeling. The cause is Chlamydia in approximately 50% of urethra infections.

How does discharge from the penis occur?

Separation from the urethra can have a number of causes in men.
Usually the cause is a sexually transmitted disease , so venereal disease . Gonorrhea (a dripper) and chlamydia are the most important ones. With gonorrhea, symptoms develop 2 to 8 days after the infection and with chlamydia after 4 to 28 days.
However, the separation can also be caused by the glans and urethralirritation are, for example, by soap, bubble bath or other substances.

Is it serious and what can you expect?

The severity of the discharge depends on the cause. Gonorrhea can spread to the testes and also cause inflammation there.
Chlamydia can lead to unnoticed inflammation in women that can lead to infertility.
Both disorders can be treated well with antibiotics. As a rule, the people with whom you have had sexual contact are also treated.
Separation caused by irritation can easily be prevented by no longer using the products.

When to the doctor?

If you suffer from discharge from the penis it is always advisable to visit your doctor.

What can you do about it yourself?

Once you suffer from discharge from the penis you can do little about it yourself.
Only if you have a strong idea that it is due to a certain soap or something like that, can you no longer use it and see if the discharge disappears.
If you have a discharge from the penis, it is very important that you do not have unprotected sexual contact with others until a diagnosis has been made and treatment has taken place. This prevents you from infecting others.

General advice and precautions

You can prevent sexually transmitted diseases by always using a condom. You can prevent irritation by cleaning the penis with lukewarm water without soap.
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