Sunday, June 23, 2019

Birth control natural methods

What are natural methods of contraception?

These methods to prevent pregnancy are mainly based on not having intercourse during the fertile days of the woman. Use is made of the knowledge about the woman's normal fertility. This knowledge is not necessary for the application of coitus interruptus (CI). How the fertile period is determined depends on the method chosen.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Contraception failed

When did contraception fail and is there a chance of pregnancy?

That may be the case with:
  • sexual intercourse in the fertile period if no contraception is used
  • forgetting one or more pills in the week prior to or following the stop week if unprotected sexual intercourse took place in the 7 days * prior to forgetting the pill (s) (see also general advice and precautions)

Contraception of definitive methods

What are definitive methods of birth control?

Definitive methods are methods that put an end to the possibility of becoming pregnant or bringing about a pregnancy. This can be achieved by sterilization of the man or sterilization of the woman. The term final is only relative. Sometimes fertility restoration is possible. Sometimes fertility can also recover spontaneously, resulting in a pregnancy.

Birth control combination preparations

What are contraceptive combination preparations?

Combination preparations contain an estrogen and a progestogen hormone. All combination preparations contain the estrogen ethinylestradiol in an amount of 15 to 50 micrograms. As a progestogen hormone, several substances are used with varying properties. Combination preparations are available in the form of a pill (DE pill), a patch and a vaginal ring.

Contraception barrier means

What are barrier means?

Barrier agents are agents that prevent sperm from reaching the cervix. The best known is the condom that is placed around the stiff penis. Condoms are usually made of rubber and come in various sizes, shapes, colors and with or without a spermicide. A latex-free condom can be used in case of hypersensitivity to rubber.

Birth control

What is birth control?

Birth control is a collective name for all methods and means that are used to prevent pregnancy. The drugs used for birth control are also called contraceptives.

How does contraception work?

Anxiety Disorder

What is an anxiety disorder?

Everyone sometimes worries about something. For example about money, relationships, children, health, or problems at work. Worrying is actually a way to be well prepared for situations. For example, you think about the problem, the possible dangers and possible solutions. Sometimes people worry so much that worrying degenerates into worry. You often hear people who worry that they think in 'circles': they always think the same way. 

Anxiety complaints

What are anxiety complaints?

Anxiety is an emotion that has to do with the perception of danger. As soon as danger threatens, most people feel anxious. The body responds to this with an increased state of alertness and prepares for action to avoid the danger. This action is called 'fighting, fleeing or freezing': these are three different ways of dealing with the danger.

Anxiety with stomach upset

Which thoughts evoke stomach upset in you?

Stomach complaints evoke certain thoughts in everyone. When pain or an unpleasant feeling in the upper abdomen lasts longer than a few days, many people think that something is wrong. The thoughts that we have vary greatly per person.

Anxiety (young people)

What is fear?

Fear is an oppressive feeling. You get this feeling when you are scared, when you are in danger. Fear warns you and sharpens you; it ensures that your body is ready for a quick response. For example, you see a truck approaching you. The fear that you experience ensures that you get away quickly, so that the truck does not hit you.

Anaal eczeem

What is anal eczema?

Anal eczema is a condition of the skin around the anus, often accompanied by redness, fluid production, flaking and itching.

Symptoms anal eczema

Anal eczema usually starts with itching. The itching can be accompanied by a distressing feeling or irritation. The sensation can occur before, during or after bowel movements. The skin around the anus is often red and can be moist. Scratching can cause flakes and thicken the skin.


What is Amblyopia?

Amblyopia or lazy eye is poor eyesight in an eye. It arises because this eye was unable to develop normally in early childhood.
When one eye develops good vision, while the other eye does not, the eye with the worse sharpness of sight is called the "lazy eye." The deviation is fairly common: in four in every 100 adults. Usually only one of the two eyes is lazy, but in rare cases a 'lazy eye' can occur double-sided.

If getting pregnant doesn't work

What if getting pregnant does not work?

This information leaflet is intended for those with a desire to have a child, for which getting pregnant is delayed. You will find information here about:
  • how long it takes on average for a woman to become pregnant
  • when you can consult your doctor better
  • what you can do yourself
  • what you can expect after you have been referred for further investigation